Olverum Bath oil: Mother relaxing

I rarely get time for a bath nowadays, so when I do it has to be worth my while.

It has to be relaxing, and for that I have to have the other half on board. So whilst I hide the kids toys and shut the world out, daddy freckle has to man the fort. In other words, I get both kids to bed and he has to be ‘on call’ just in case they wake up! He hasn’t got it too bad really has he?

A real bath consists of:

No luke warm left over bath water, no baby toys or squirty whales in sight. Okay, they might all be in a nice bath tidy behind my head, but at least they are not trying to find new home in my ribs! It has to have real therapeutic value. Do you remember what that feels like? That moment when you lower yourself into a nice hot bath (not too hot that it is uncomfortable) and you let out a little aahhhhhhhh…. you know when you get out you have that all over full body relaxation?

No neither did I. I had completely forgotten.

The last time I remember having that feeling was when I bought some bath salts 5 years ago. 5 whole years!

So when we went on  holiday last week, I took the travel set of Olverum away with me hoping that I would get time to use it. In true mother style, I didn’t but last night with the sun setting, both kids asleep I finally used it!

Oh, wow.

If there is anything to say about Olverum it is that this bath oil is truly a mother’s friend.

Added to a hot drawn bath, the almost intoxicating fragrance instantly gave my mind the message to calm. It was possibly one of the most luxurious and soothing baths, and had true therapeutic value. I felt relaxed and soothed. My skin soft, and mind calm.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Olverum. Now, it will be on my Christmas list every year.

Last night, I had such a peaceful sleep and although I was still up every few hours with the little one it was calm. I am not saying that this is magic, nor that it is the answer to all you problems but it has been long overdue. It feels like it has clicked the reset button.

It contains the natural essential oils:

  • Siberian fir Needle
  • Lavandin
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Rosemary
  • Exotic Verbena
  • True Lavender
  • Lime
  • Juniper
  • Geranium

It has been a family secret carried for decades, and several lifetimes of passion and specialist knowledge. Since 1931 it has gained a mystical reputation, but it has been only known to a small number of people.

Almost kept secret from the rest of the world.

So I feel very privileged to share my experience, and thank you Olverum for selecting this tired mummy to try it for herself. I can honestly say, that this will be one of the go to products when I am stressed, overworked and feeling under loved.

At only £16 for the travel set or £48 for the large bottle it is less money than a spa break and has such therapeutic value. Find more information about Olverum here.

Much love xx

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