Occasion wear for Parents: Finding my style as a mum with Joe Browns

When I became a mum I changed.

Parts of me (both physically and emotionally) changed forever.

One part of me which changed dramatically was my dress sense and it wasn’t for the want of trying. The amount of money I spent on clothing was immense. No matter how much I spent on clothes, I just couldn’t find my style. My body shape and size changed more than I could have ever imagined and I was forever wearing ill fitting pants and chewing gum grey bras with no support. The only criteria my bra’s and clothes had to meet was ‘is it breastfeeding friendly?’

Somehow, more recently I feel I’m back to my quirky dressing self and I honestly didn’t ever think I would be. My style isn’t one out of a magazine, but it’s most definitely me. I would say I am a bit vintage and a bit quirky but I definitely don’t stick with one style. I just wear what I want, don’t look at the size but see how it feels. If its a 14 or an 8 I buy size based on how I think it will fit on my body.

If you feel that you’re lost, don’t worry so was I.

More recently I have found a new brand who have managed to fit my style, and transition from casual to occasion wear seamlessly.

Joe Browns

Who have managed to get that vintage yet current look.

I have paired the Delightful dress with the Joe’s favourite check jacket for that relaxed and vintage look whilst being practical and functional for a mum.

To finish the look off I paired it with the April bag

and Fascinator

But my favourite item in this outfit?

My gorgeously golden bee embellished t bar shoes

I think most mothers are lost at some point, some in the early days, some later on, some when the kids have fled the nest. So here is to all of you mothers who lose themselves, because somehow, one day you will find yourself again. And feel even better about it.

Sometimes we have to lose ourselves to actually find ourselves.


See the items in more detail here in my latest try on!

Items sent for review

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