Nappies. Eco friendly and pocket friendly?

Nappies, Nappies, Nappies

Recently all I bang on about is nappies!
but when you have a small baby, you’re world revolves around nappy changes. The pattern of feed, burp, change, repeat comes to mind!

So when you think about how many changes a day we do, then you want to know that what you are using on your baby is not only the best for baby but also eco friendly. I know that when I first became a mum, being kind to the planet wasn’t on my radar. I’m always honest about the reality of life because no body is perfect and everyone is constantly changing. So if you haven’t really had a second thought about where those nappies end up once you’ve used them, then don’t worry because I was like that too once upon a time.

Over the past few years, we have become more and more aware of how we use products and how these impact on the environment once used. One huge problem with traditional disposable nappies is that the contain plastic, that’s takes hundreds of years to degrade. Often ending up in landfill either here in the U.K. but more often than not, overseas. Polluting the land and seas that we live on and eat from.
But I’m not going to pretend I’m innocent to the cause. For years I used the leading brand nappy that was not in anyway eco friendly.

That’s why I harp on about Mum and You so much as one of the best eco friendly disposable nappy brands. The brand, developed by a family (coincidently one of my friends from university is related to them and I’ve just found out!) has the parent and child at heart. In development, they have thought of everything a parent wants from a disposable nappy, wipes and skincare.

From biodegradable baby wipes that don’t compromise on convenience, to skincare you can apply using one hand at slippery bathtimes!

The eco-nappies are wrapped in renewable sugarcane to avoid unnecessary single use plastic. As a company they are constantly reviewing products, packaging and innovating new ways to offer solutions without compromise. So you can get convenience, knowing you are doing your bit.

But here is the big question I always get asked:

Don’t they cost loads more?


they offer up to 40% their subscription packages.


if you are savvy and use the discount codes that they have given me (you won’t find a bigger discount nowhere else) you will find that actually they are as affordable.

Lets get down to the details of cost! They have two options for subscription.
1: pay as you go or 2: pay upfront

Option 1: Pay as you go

They automatically apply a 15% discount for you, but then… add the code MOTHERFRECKLE50 to get 50% off your first one.

his is for 4 packs off 44 nappies= £4.16 per pack. That is 176 nappies at 9p a nappy! For your first and then the longer you stay on the bigger initial discount they give. See above diagram.

This is the best initial option, cost wise and gives you the chance to try out.

If you want to pay up front or if you are interested in giving this as a gift to a family member or friend as a baby shower gift or new baby arrival. Here are the details:

Option 2: Pay upfront

This overall is better value for money, and the longer term you save more- below I’ve outlined two options.

3 months

£23.30 per month, £5.80 per pack, 13p per nappy.

6 months

£21.93 per month, £5.48 per pack, 12p per nappy.

You can also chose 9 or 12 month too, with an initial 25% off and the 30% off!

To make it even better, you now get

The Andrea bag with pay as you go subscriptions

And with Pay upfront subscriptions you get

The Cathrine

So if you’ve been thinking about it, then I’d say now is the perfect time to try!

You can cancel at any time, and they are super friendly family brand so always feel confident to ask them anything!

hope that helps!

speak soon xx


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