Migraines after giving birth: What can help

Well it’s been a fun few months since Arthur has arrived and in the first 5 weeks inbetween feeding on demand, interrupted sleep and bad posture I managed to squeeze in five migraines. One a week, on schedule renewing me less than useless.

Migraines are awful.

I’m talking about the full blown, vision blurring, speech slurring, motion limiting, fuzzy feeling ones. Not just the ones your granny has after a few gins. The ones that absolutely incapacitate you for a day or more. Before I start sharing what helps me, I have to say (it should go without saying really, but y’know) please please check with your GP for medical advice and especially if you’ve never experienced them before and have a sudden onset after giving birth. Disclaimer over….

If you are long term sufferer you’ll know most of these tricks but you might not and it’s worth a try!

First of all, these might not work for you, they help me but the cause of migraines isn’t quite understood still so you need to do a bit of detective work to figure out your triggers.

Things that can help:

Cold or hot packs: Place them on your forehead and the back of your neck.

Standing in hot water: So this is a trick someone shared with me, and it helped massively. You need to stand in a bowl of hot water or stand in the bath, then place a pack of frozen peas or cold pack on the back of your neck. Bend over and place your hands in the hot water. It sounds bizarre, but it helps me and I wish I would have known about it sooner.

Tiger Balm: This stuff is wonderful. Rub on your temples and base of your neck (check with your midwife if you are unsure about using it).

Acupuncture: This is the best recommendation I can offer.

Massage and cupping: I have been for weekly cupping and massages, focusing on my shoulders and neck. I can definitely say this helps with the tension, and therefore what I feel is a trigger.

Pressure points: Find the space in-between your forefinger and thumb, press and rub on the fleshy part for once a day as long as you can every day.

Pain Killers: Usually in pregnancy it is paracetamol only, and breastfeeding you can take ibuprofen but its not recommended in pregnancy.

Asprin: this is one for people who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Please DO NOT take aspirin if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless you have a medical condition.

If you have more tips please share them, you never know who it might help!

Much love,

Sj x

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  1. Kat T says:

    I have suffered with dreadful migraines since I was 5 and the postpartum ones were the worst!! Wish I had this list of things to try! X

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