Lumie Clear: Acne light therapy

We are big fans of Lumie in our family. Last year I bought our first Lumie product, which was a body clock wake up light and we still use it every day to help us wake up. Although, nowadays it is more likely that the baby decides when I am actually getting up rather than the alarm!

So, last month, when I visited the blog on conference and met the Lumie light’s representitive I was intrigued to know more about their range. In particular, the Lumie clear which I have heard a lot about but wanted to know more. It is not what I traditionally associate with Lumie, as I tend to think of them as a light wake up alarm company. So I was pleased to see the whole range which is far more diverse than I could ever imagine! The Lumie Clear is light therapy for acne, and by far the most interesting concept for me.

Now, for most of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that after having my first child, I developed adult acne. That was nearly 4 years ago and after thousands of pounds (and that is not an exaggeration!) I have a good skincare regime set up. Then, I became pregnant and my skin was perfect! the only problem with that its that, you cant stay pregnant forever! So now, nearly 8 months after my second I am once again in the beginnings of adult acne. The difference this time round is that I know what ingredients my skin doesn’t like and the ones that work. However, my skin has changed and has been reacting differently this time round to some of my go-to products. So before I delve into the ocean of acne products, I have decided to give this a go.

When I first saw this I had so many questions and if I have lots of questions then surely you will have, right? So what better way than to test it out myself and share with you how I have found using it.

It has been 3 weeks since I started using the Lumie Clear and I really love using it. I use it every night for 15 minutes on each affected area either with direct contact or within 30cm range. This is a short period of time but I have noticed a difference already, so decided to share my experience so far.


To set up the light it is straight forward. Everything is included within the one unit, you just plug it in and go! It comes with a set of goggles which protect your eyes if you are using it consistently on your face.


You can use the light on its stand or remove the light unit from the base for contact to your skin. There is one button on the side of the light which turns it on and off and has a handy 15 minute timer on it so you can just relax while using it.

How does it work?

The concept is brilliant. It emits light to treat acne without any need for medication or side effects. The blue LEDs reduce bacteria associated with acne while the red LEDs reduce inflammation and help heal the skin.

It is safe during pregnancy?


Does it have any side effects?

None that I have found.

Can you use other acne remedies while using it?

Yes, but if you have photosensitivity or on specific medication that can increase your sensitivity then ask your GP.

Can you wear make up?

Yes, but I wouldn’t. I used it at night time after cleansing and moisturising.

How long do you have to use it before you notice results?

I can say that it was about 12 days and I could visibly notice a difference but my face felt less sensitive and those cystic spots are far less painful. However, every person will have different results.

What I liked the most:

The most noticeable difference is the severity of the spots. I have only been using it for just over 3 weeks so I can’t say its completely gone, it’s not but I have high hopes for this to keep my acne manageable. Even though I still have them they are a lot smaller, not as painful and not as many. After 12 days this a massive, massive win in my eyes! I spend £70 on one face oil so to be able to pick a Lumie Clear up from £89-£149 then it feels very reasonable to me.

I will continue to use this every night, along side my usual skincare regimen and hopefully my acne will clear up in no time! Fingers crossed!

For anyone who suffers with acne, you will understand my need to find products that work. Unlike some acne topical treatments, this product will not make your skin itchy, dry or irritated. It will not bring side effects and cost you money to replace once it as run out.

It will however, give you an alternative treatment to manage your acne. It will allow you to keep doing what you are already doing if you are worried about changing your skincare routine.

Most importantly, I am a real person reviewing this and it has worked for me and in such a short period of time.

I am excited to see what results I will have after a couple of months and will definitely be looking into the other products Lumie offer.

If you, like me, have suffered with acne and want to try the Lumie Clear you can find it here


If you have any questions just ask below! I would love to know your results too!

Much love xx






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  1. Very intrigued by this – like you, I bought a lumie wake up clock just before I had Arthur, but he wakes me up every day now I’ve not been able to use it properly lol!

    I’ve had terrible skin since I was 8years old – not just my face, mainly my body – and I was on medication until I was 18 when I decided enough was enough. The only time my skin cleared up was in the weeks after I’d given birth and it looked amazing. No idea what the secret was!

    I’m always looking for something that might actually work, but I have spent so much money over the years on products it’s hard to know what to risk spending money on now x

  2. Bec says:

    Hi there – I’m curious if you continued to use this and found it to be an ongoing success? I live in Australia so can’t take advantage of 45 day return policy if it doesn’t work? Love to hear your response.

    1. Mother Freckle says:

      Hello! I loved this when I was in the true mix of acne, I felt it did help massively and although I haven’t used it for a while I do still have it and will use it again I am sure. Do you have ebay over there? or an online marketplace to buy second hand? xx

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