What to look for in a pushchair when you are a first time mum

When I think back to what I wanted out of a pushchair, as a first time mother, it honestly makes me laugh. I had no idea. Saying that- how are you supposed to know what to look for in a pushchair if you have never used one before? Actually, I don’t think it even comes down to whether you have used one before. You need to know what works for you.

So I have put together a little blog to help you choose.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you buy:

What are you going to use the pushchair for?

OBVIOUSLY to put your baby in….. but is it for everyday out and about use or for slow Sunday strolls? If you are going to be keeping it up all the time- or collapsing it often then think about how easy it is to collapse.

The weight and size?

I would recommend going test driving them in store before you buy.

How much walking are you going to do? 

Does it need to transform easily from upright to lay down if they fall asleep? Does it need chunky wheels for more comfort?

How tall are you?

An adjustable handle is key.

Where do you live?

Not in a creepy way! But are you going to be walking down canals and bumpy tracks or hopping on and off public transport in the city.

Do you ‘pop’ to the shops and buy more than you need?

You need a big basket. In fact- whether you do this or not I would say you need a big basket. The amount of things that you need when you are a new mum is unreal. Even after 2 I still have a rucksack to carry about!

Have you got plans to have more than 1 child? 

Can you attach a buggy board? Is it going to stand the test of time?

Do you change your mind often about style?

Think about print and design.


Okay- this is something which I didn’t EVER think about. However it makes a big difference to you as a mum. Do you want foam or leather feel to your handles? do you want them to be chunky? Definitely go and try them out in store 🙂

How did you find the one?

Pushchair featured is the New Ocarro Jewel and has a wonderful one hand collapse. The basket is huge, is great for city and county and most importantly E loves it. It can face forward or parent facing.

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