Keeping it together: Carry and move

Going from having one child to two children, is something that no one can prepare you for. Honestly, I cant remember how my brain worked before having two. Nowadays it is more about keeping the chaos together rather than routines or reading up on what to expect at what stage. I thought I was prepared, but just like the first time round, it surprised me how much you need to actually do to have your shit half together!

So when Edith came along, we had already had an established routine. I use the word routine lightly, we got up when the birds woke up (aka when Flo decide that it was in fact morning) ate breakfast, went out without a bag or a worry about whether we had nappies and went to bed before midnight.

Now, fast forward to todays reality. Midnight is an early night, 6am is a lie in and to get out of the house with both kids in clothes that are not either covered in baby sick or food is  just short of a miracle. So at the end of the day, even though I am exhausted I have to do something for me. Not every day, and sometimes not every week but I have made a change to help me keep it together more.

Even though we have joined the gym, which was primarily so that we could take the girls swimming I barely get there to use the actual gym. I think because Edith is still young, and by the time I’ve finished bedtime it feels far too late to go, the unbearable comparison of fit people pushing their PB’s is enough to put any one off.

So I’ve been trying out a new approach.

I already have an unbelievable love for wraps and carriers, but I have had a new little lavender beauty of which I have been using more recently. Its the We Made Me Pao Carrier®, and I chose this one because of its versatility, colour and the price.


The Pao Carrier is a 3-in-1 carrier, which can be used from birth (an insert is required for 0-4months). To wear, it is very quick to put on, is soft in structure and easy to get baby in and out with ease. I prefer wearing Edie on my back with this carrier, but often wear her on my front also. Its one of the most affordable carriers that I have come across and is available for £89.99. There are a few added bonus points with the Pao Carrier: it has an integrated hood, it is machine washable and can be rolled up very neatly when its not being used.


So that’s my number 1 tip: Buy a good sling or carrier. Not only will it save your back but you can actually do things, you know like have a wee or make some toast for the demanding toddler! We made me have a wide selection of slings and carriers to suit your needs and budget. If you prefer slings or wraps then from We made Me, I would recommend their  multi-wrap (£49.99).

Number 2 tip: Do something. Anything.

I am a bit like our cocker spaniel dog, I need some form of exercise. It doesn’t have to be much for me, but if I do nothing, then after a week or so I start to notice that I am a bit tetchy. So because of my lacking in motivation to bear all at the gym, I’ve tried a few different approaches recently.

First, I have been trying out the latest Carifit programme, which links in well with my baby wearing. I can never have enough time, and this saves me time by being able to fit into my day without going to the gym. It is specifically designed for mothers who carry or ‘wear’ their babies from 6 weeks to 9 months.


It isn’t the typical high intensity, pump it up, push yourself hard work out, its designed to work your core, strengthen and tighten whilst getting close to your baby! Its designed by a pre and post natal expert personal trainer who is on hand to help at any point.

If you have previously been quite active or wanting to build your strength then this is one to try out. It feels a lot more mummy friendly than the typical at home workout. To give one of you lucky readers a chance at trialling it out for yourself, you can win a 6 month trial of your own from Carifit. Just enter HERE.

The other programme that I cannot recommend highly enough is the Supercharged Club mission. It is a game changer. It isn’t a diet club nor an is it an exercise club. It’s a new way of viewing yourself.

If you join up to a Supercharged club mission you will learn body confidence, self-worth and emotional wellbeing. Alongside making some pretty amazing friends and getting loads of tips on food! Pretty amazing if you ask me.

How do you keep it together? Do let me know if you give any of them a go, and keep mumming. You are doing a brilliant job!

Much Love,

Mother Freckle xx


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