How to implement self care as a new mum: 5 easy steps

Self-care is very important at any stage of your life, but even more so when you become a mother. Everyone has a different experience of motherhood, but one thing we need to have in common is to make self-care essential. This isn’t always the case, in fact sometimes we can be made to feel bad about spending time on ourselves. This needs to change. 

So here I am your self-care godmother, giving you permission to help yourself.

I am working with Philips Avent as a Virtual Mummy Mentor to bring you real life experiences of parenthood. Parenthood is THE BEST thing in the world, but also it is full of emotion too. You can feel angry, anxious, happy and sad. These are all perfectly valid and normal emotions to feel. 

However, sometimes it can feel overwhelming so filling your self-care cup can help more than you may think.

If you are very new to self-care, and you are a new mother I would start with the ‘5 things a day’. This is something I do when I have just given birth, it gives me the ability to see the things I have achieved in my day and not focus on the things I haven’t managed to do. 

It is easy to add into your day – all you have to do is:

When you wake up in the morning, or you can plan this the night before if you find it more useful, set yourself 5 little goals for the day.

Little being the optimum word.

5 things that you know you can achieve with a little effort, these can be things like:

–  Brush my teeth before 10am

– Make the bed

– Eat a wholesome lunch

– Talk to my partner about something that isn’t related to the children

– Light my favourite candle

– Have a bath

– Water a plant

– Watch my favourite film



– Go for a walk

– Write in my journal

– Brush my hair

They can be anything that will make you feel better. Now this can be quite confusing when first start but do whatever makes you feel happy/comfortable/more organised after you have done it. This can be ironing if that is what makes you feel good. It is your time.

Know that you are worthy, you are amazing and that you are enough just as you are.

Take it easy on yourself, and don’t forget to drink some water!

This post is sponsored by Philips Avent as I am one of their Virtual Mummy Mentors.

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