I won! The Best Newcomer 2017. The Northern Blog awards 2017 #NBAS17

Before I tell you more about the event, I would like to thank you all.

Thank you for every single read, like, comment, share and email. I began Mother Freckle to share the realities of parenting, to help other parents feel less alone and more normal. Whatever that is. To help empower women (and men) and to talk openly about everything from breastfeeding to acne and hair loss. And wow have I enjoyed it, with my social growing more every single day I am loving how many of you beautiful people are coming over for a pixelated cuddle and a virtual how are you doing?

I read every single email, comment and appreciate every single one. However in such an amazing category I did not expect to win the best newcomer of the year! So thank you all for the nominations, it really means a lot from this Manchester born and bread girl who likes diet coke and eats far too many oreos!

Without a doubt, 2017 has been a year for blogging. Bloggers, vloggers, content creators are making a huge dent in the internet and Holly brought together some of the finest Northern bloggers, vloggers and content creators in the most amazing way possible.

In celebration of all of the wonderful women and men who are smashing it in the digital world, the NBAs were born.

The NBAs recognise that the blogging world is strong in the South of England, but that we have a lot to offer as Northern bloggers. In recognition of this they have dedicated an awards ceremony to showcase the talent in the North of England.

The night was glamorous, fun and filled with some beautiful brands such as Christys, Booths, Thought Mix, Boux Avenue, Key 103 and Denby amongst several others. It was a night for mingling and drinking champagne.

Representing the parenting lot, was Hannah from make do and push, who won best instagram and Kate from pouting in heels, who won the best parenting blog! Huge congratulations in order and if you are not already then go and give them a follow, they are truly lovely!

I am still so overwhelmed and absolutely ecstatic about winning, I am not going to play it cool. I am, in true Manchester style, buzzin!

Here’s to all of you, you’ve made my blogging year!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much love,

Sammi-Jo xx



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