HelloFresh: Flavour generator

If you, like me have seen the buzz around HelloFresh then you are probably wondering what all the hype is about.

HelloFresh has been making waves and I have been desperate to try them, but we have specific dietary requirements and so I was worried about whether the recipes would be able to be either adjusted or taste right with ingredients missing.

So when I saw that they have a new flavour generator, I thought I would give it a spin!

If you haven’t heard of HelloFresh, they are a food subscription box. You can select your package and meals each week and they come with recipe cards carefully packed into meal bags. Each bag has the specific ingredients allocated to each meal and a recipe card giving detailed instructions of how to cook them.

I love the idea, because I am far too tired and in no way that organised to think of each meal specifically every day. Honestly, I mean who has time to think about these things? But… if it was sent to me all ready to prepare and cook without having to think about it then how lush would that be?

No extra thinking.

No extra time at the supermarket battling to find the correct ingredients with two kids in tow.

No pressure.

So first off I have given their flavour generator a whirl and I thought I would share with you my results as a dairy and egg free family!


Click on the Flavour generator site.

Then chose what you fancy!

Either: Indian, Mexican, British, Italian or Middle Eastern food

Then chose how you like it!

Either: Spicy, sweet, tangy, herby or something you’ve never tried.


My selection was Indian food and Spicy.


Then as quick as a flash two options came up with the Flavour combination of turmeric and tandoori paste. The first option was beef kofta curry with sag aloo and the second was chicken tandoori wraps. I love curry so I was VERY happy to read the ingredients to find that it was completely dairy and egg free!

For the first time in over a year I have gone out and bought each ingredient to make this meal and cooked it!

Okay, well daddy freckle may have helped but it got me actually excited to try something other than the standard 3 meals I make!

And bloody lush it was indeed. I am very impressed!

I would never of thought to make this in a year of Sunday’s never mind a month of Sunday’s but I’m glad I gave it a whirl because it’s definitely added some spice to our tea time!

If you are as adventurous as I am then you need to give the flavour generator a whirl, who knows you might just find something tasty that makes you feel a little less beige!

I’m going to make it a weekly thing before I do a food order and that way I have at least one meal a week which will be well thought out!

Do let me know if you have success with it, and if you come across any other dairy and egg free recipes or ones that can easily be substituted.

Much love,

Sammi-Jo xx


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