How do I get my baby to sleep? The famous words of a mother #ad

I know that those words will strike a chord with most mums. In particular, first time mums. I remember thinking that my first baby was broken, like I had a baby who just hated sleep!

She wasn’t, of course.

She was however a very VERY colicky baby, with terrible silent reflux. We had tried everything, and nothing worked. As you all know, Flo has severe allergies. Hopefully one day she will grow out of them but when she was little she was tricky to get to sleep. She was uncomfortable laying on her back and going to sleep, so we just did what worked for us.

Every evening about the 5pm we would run a warm bath. After this we would give her a gentle baby massage with some soothing music and constantly talking to her. We used soft circular motions around her belly and did the well known bicycle legs (all you colic baby mums know exactly what I’m talking about). Before snuggling with some skin to skin. Mostly I would breastfeed her to sleep, and cuddle her whenever she needed.

Those early days were hard. It was a whole new life we had begun. Now, I look back with rose tinted glasses, but we still have a bedtime routine now. It’s obviously very different now, and Edie is the one having milk, but we still enjoy a lovely bath and massage before book and bed.

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