Fathers day gift guide

The modern dad is pretty special right? I have a pretty decent other half, who without his help I am pretty sure I would be bald through stress and look far older than I actually do due to sleep deprivation.

So when it comes to Fathers day, we usually get him something pretty special. It is never too expensive, and we always try to do something nice that doesn’t cost a lot (see my frugal gift guide here) and buy him something special too.

This year I have found some pretty lovely gift ideas whilst supporting small businesses. So, if like me you are yet to buy the man in your life a present then hold tight for some AMAZING gift inspo.

1. Don’t buy me flowers: The man package.

Yes it is as good as it sounds…. and yes. I think about one thing only when I read ‘package’ **wink wink**

Don’t buy me flowers is an ‘out of the box’ box. Steph (who is bloody gorge) runs her business with the person who is receiving the package in mind. They say that flowers are the most bought gift for new mums, and there started a business… because would let you like a nice package of goodies instead of flowers? I know I would!

As the business has grown she has added various packages and the best one for dad’s is the Man box.

You can select what you want specific to meet his tastes! Just take a look at some of the options!

For Mike it would definitely be the last selection. You can chose the style and size of socks, which magazine etc. Plus you can add extras of coffee, beer, beard oil and pork crackling!! I know Mike would be very happy with that!

The packages start from £30 and even with all the extras comes under the £50 mark. Still guaranteed to come before Sunday. Find the perfect one here.

2. Little Siloh: Daddy and me silhouettes.

The small brand is run by Abbie, who makes classic cut images of whatever image you choose! These are truly timeless. All you need to do is upload your image using their guidelines and they do the rest. Just look at how cute they are!

Prices start at £20 for an individual image and this beautiful daddy and me is £35. This will last a lifetime and never be out of style. Find them here.

3. Black and bleach: Rad Dad

I have just had to update this part as the infamous Father of daughters just posted with this tee and they have sold out!! I was too slow this year but are still available for back order so I would get them orders in if I was you!

They still have a few sizes and grab bags available so get over there quick! Tee £24.95. Found here.

4. Gigi Loves Blake: #Dadlife

Joey who runs Gigi Loves Blake, named the business after her two littles. She is the monochrome queen of hash tags. I have Mike’s #Dadlife tee packed up and ready to go.

Tees are £22 but the range is huge! She has a MASSIVE sale on at the moment too so be quick. You can personalise till you heart is content. Found here.

5. A kind mama: Vegan treats for everyone!

Whether you are Vegan, dairy and egg free, or eat all the cake in the world without a care you need to try A kind mama.

She bakes and delivers all over the UK and this is a treat you will get to share!

These are our favourites:

The price stated includes postage and packaging too so no need to worry about that charge!

Box of mixed brownies is £15, which I would eat all to myself so Mike better feel skilled to get there before me! Find them here.

I hope that’s been a helpful little gift list!

Much love xx

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