Embracing yourself

When it comes to writing about my flaws, I always waver before posting. That hover over the publish button feels like a lot longer than it is, and I have always felt that I am quite open and honest about most things. So I know that I need to talk about it more when I feel that way.

After having children, it changes your self image. Both in good and bad ways, and I am taking a stance that I am going to embrace myself, fully. Like giving myself a massive hug every day, not like those snotty cuddles your kids give you- but the ones you give to them.

I love every bit of my body, but it’s not perfect.

Well, actually what is being ‘perfect’ all about anyway? My body is my perfect.

The only thing I have been unhappy about since having children are my stretchmarks across my stomach and being a bit more wobbly than before. But stretchmarks fade and wobbly bellys are comfy for small children to sleep on!

So I’m embracing the ‘flaws’ that society states we shouldn’t have.

After all, I have given my body to my children to enable to grow them and feed them so if nothing else, it’s pretty amazing.

Then, I asked myself this question. Why do I feel the need to talk about this?

Shouldn’t we embrace ourselves anyway?

Well, yes we should.

However, we generally don’t. We are given images of how we ‘should’ look from a young age and that then builds a scewed image of what women (and men) should look like. It’s nothing new, it’s been happening for years, and then you feel like there is a shift in thinking then you hear another outrageous trend.

I don’t watch the only way is Essex, but it features a lot in the media and I have never heard of such an awful ‘beauty’ trend as a designer vagina. I mean, why on earth is there such a thing as a designer vagina? That is just the most ridiculous trend that women are being made to feel so insecure about how their vagina looks that they have surgery! But I don’t agree with what anything looks like on the only way is Essex so maybe I’m missing a trick! I feel like it’s gone further than shaving every last strand of hair off your vag to full blown weird city where they want a barbie doll to look at.┬áBut anyways that is enough vagina talk.

So on international Women’s day, I ask you this: Can you embrace yourself?

Because society isn’t that same all embracing hug, and it should be. So sometimes, we need to do that to ourselves and each other.

So, today, instead of my usual language of saying “I blame pregnancy or breastfeeding” I am thanking them, because my scars are mine and my wobbly belly is too. If I didn’t have them that would mean I didn’t fall pregnant, and my kids are my world. Although I do wish they would let me sleep sometime this century!

So no matter how many scars you have, your weight, your dress size, the colour of your hair, your shoe size or your ability to do a eye flick without wiping it of 42 times: Please let us show the next generation of girls that we are individuals. Not barbie dolls.

Much love xx

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  1. Beautifully put! I will read this again, morning cuppa in hand… we all need reminding to embrace ourselves x

    Thank you for sharing x

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