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We’ve lasted a good 3 years without getting into the mischievous midnight musings of the elf on the shelf. This year we have been thrown in at the deep end and after Florence come home with ‘Elizabeth Rose’ (the poshest elf name I’ve ever known!) and have thought of some pretty funny ideas if you ask me!

Lady Elizabeth thought last night she was helping by decorating the tree, she raided the nappies and now we have a nappy tree.

Florence thinks we should leave them there and see if she does it every night! I think Lady Elizabeth needs to help me with the middle of the night feeds and nappy changes, never mind decorating the tree!

Now I have worked with Mum & You for months now, and they are the most eco friendly disposable nappy brand. There nappies are made using chlorine-free wood pulp from certified sustainable forestry, and the packaging is made using renewable sugarcane INSTEAD of plastic. That is a huge change and I feel that everyone should be doing this!

That isn’t why I go on about them so much, you’ll see them in my nappy caddy, in my bag and at the side of the bed for middle of the night changes. But this month they are doing something even more amazing.

This month they will also DOUBLE their donations to The Hygiene Bank.

That means they will give TWO PACKS of nappies to a child in need with every subscription purchase in December.

I genuinely love working with this brand, and buy them for friends and family who want to make a change. They have given me a code which will get you 50% off your first subscription. So you can try them for yourself, save money, save the planet from less plastic and give to a family in need this Christmas. All by just changing bums. Pretty special.

With a biodegradable core and free from dyes, lotions and latex, these nappies are super soft. They’re made using chlorine-free wood pulp from certified sustainable forestry, and the packaging is made using renewable sugarcane INSTEAD of plastic. They’re free from perfumes and lotions, making them suitable for newborn and the most sensitive skin. Their super absorbent core locks moisture away from your baby’s skin and guards against leaks for up to 12 hours. All good in my books!

The code you need for the 50% off is MOTHERFRECKLE50 and is for Pay as you go subscriptions. If you want to pay all in one go you can use MOTHERFRECKLE30 for 30% off 

Merry Christmas loves! xx


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