Do we really need mummy bloggers?

When I started blogging, I didn’t know what to expect. Sharing my life (our lives) online was a difficult decision that I didn’t make with haste. It took me a while, I dreaded that I would be called out as a bad mum or that I wasn’t good enough to be a blogger. But… I decided to go with it anyway.

It all started with Instagram. Instagram is my guilty pleasure, I love it. The community of mums and dads alongside all other followers has led to a supportive group of nearly 5 thousand strong. Then came along twitter and Facebook.  The next step was to set up an actual website…. becoming an actual blogger. I mean… what does that even mean?

A ‘blogger’ in my eyes, once held such unreachable standards of which I would never achieve and I wasn’t sure if I would ever fit in a blogging world. I write with emotion and can be a tad sweary. If I am honest, I write how I like to read. I like quirky, honest and individual writing styles. That’s why I love bloggers like The Unmumsy Mum and Brummy Mummy of 2.

I remember nearly 4 years ago I didn’t stumble upon beauties like Sarah and Em, and when searching for mummy bloggers I could only find images of sleeping babies, whilst the mum drank a hot cup of tea and had a lovely sprig of holly just carefully positioned next to her romantic book that she has just finished reading. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love these accounts. I love seeing such brilliant photography and a beautiful image of a very content, happy baby and mummy but for me that was possibly the furthest from my reality as you could get.

In the early days with Florence, I would spend my entire night dancing around like a pillock singing rock a bye baby, cluster feeding her to sleep and barely showering never mind making a hot cup of tea. I too was happy and content, but my world looked more like a tornado had collided with a washing basket and whipped through the living room leaving sicky baby clothes and breastfeeding pads * insert a little fist bump to colic for those days*.

A hot cup of tea was reserved for when the other half came back from work in a similar dishevelled, sleep deprived state and took the reigns for a couple of hours before I had to clock back in.

So I never returned to the blogging world for support until I became pregnant with my second.

This time round, I found that, actually, there are mummy bloggers from all different walks of life. The mummy who breastfeeds/ bottlefeeds/ babywears/walks 10 miles pushing a pram…. the mummy who can put make up on/ the ones who can’t/don’t…. the feminist/ the empowering/ the honest/ the funny mummies…. even the scummy mummies.

Maybe 4 years ago, I didn’t look hard enough.

Maybe I didn’t need the support, because I had my husband every night being a fucking legend giving me a break while I got some sleep and my mum taking me for a boots meal deal while she cuddled the baby.

Maybe I just couldn’t be arsed with the comparison.

Either way, this time round, it was refreshing to find that motherhood wasn’t the same for everyone and that it’s okay not to be perfect. Something of which I advocate for.

As you all know I share my parenting fails, sly digs at my husband and the reality of parenting on a daily basis so I’m very much about sharing individuality and not feeling judged.

So, when it comes to following people to share the moments of motherhood/parenthood you are more likely to find solace in the familiar.

Gone are the days of gloriously placed advertising of nappies on a sleeping baby lay with its mama, who happens to have a full face of make up on and not a single hair out of place whilst in absolute pure happiness because the baby just farted rose petals. Gone are the days of perfect reviews for shit products. Don’t get me wrong you will see those but the majority are more honest, real mums who actually use the products and they work for them.

And yes, I get products sent to me and you will find that I will do sponsored posts where I feel that the product is good and I do actually really love it. What you will not see are the products I do not rate, because I will only show you the stuff that is good/helpful for a mummy/daddy.

So, do we need mummy bloggers?

Yes! We need the mummy bloggers who share how varied and different motherhood is. Whether that’s the perfect/ not so perfect/ scummy/ happy/ positive/ empowering or tonado riding mummy. We need them all, because every mummy needs a comrade in this world of parenting and for all those who don’t have a partner in crime to help them to raise up out of the trenches to laugh/cry/ rejoice in the whirlwind of parenthood.

It’s hard. Let’s be in it together.

Much love,

Mother Freckle

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  1. YES!!! This! I need to see and hear about people messing parenting up sometimes and being fallible and 3 dimensional and real. I can identify with these people… and I also feel less bad for my failings!! #BlogCrush

    1. Parenting is a tough cookie without the judgement. High five to you mama 😘

  2. Surrey mama says:

    I totally agree, we definitely need mummy bloggers from all walks of life as it’s such a support network. The things I have learnt from blogs are invaluable! I like you only started blogging after my second and wish I’d started sooner! #blogcrush

  3. anyapilates says:

    We absolutely need a mummy blogger tribe. I completely agree first time round I felt totally alone, and now I feel much more normal and happy with my slightly disheveled normality. I still feel like I’m not good enough a lot of the time, but generally there is a much more honest and open truth about motherhood realities and how we’re all winging it. x x x

    1. If that self doubt creeps in then tell it to move over because there is a new black in town and it’s called self love. You are more than good enough, you absolute super star xx

  4. Lucy At Home says:

    I live a long way from family so, when it was 2am and my newborn baby was still refusing to sleep or feed, like every self-respecting 21st century mum… I turned to the internet!

    It was refreshing to read blogs that said I was not alone, that empathised with my frustrations and worries. I didn’t want a clinical, unfeeling list of facts from medical website about baby colic or the proper breastfeeding latch – I wanted to hear the voice of experience from someone who knew what I was going through and how I was feeling. #blogcrush

    1. I can completely relate! It can help you feel like your not alone in this whirlwind. Sometimes we just need to know that we are all in this together! 😘

      1. Lucy At Home says:


  5. Love this. Just written my first blog post and I’m doing it for me and for others. Because if just one mumma reads my blog and feels a little bit better about a bad day then I will be happy 😊 there’s room for everyone

    1. YES! well done you, if you ever doubt yourself come over to this nook and get some reassurance. You are good enough! Xx

  6. Audrey Allan says:

    Love this piece! Its all so true and so well said. I remember feeling completely isolated when I had my first (8 years ago!) these days there is a army of blogging mums to help you through and make you feel a little less shit and terrified. Its a comfort and a bit of comradery. We should all be building each other up and mothering like no ones judgeing Ax💫

    1. 100% mother like no one’s judging ✌👌

  7. Love this! So honest, I feel like being a mum can be quite isolating and scary. You never know what to do or say for fear of offending someone else’s way of parenting. I’m so thankful for those Mummy Bloggers who tell it like it is & cut through the bullshit 👏🏻👍🏻 xx

  8. Leah says:

    Absolutely adore this blog post. I stopped blogging for a while for the same reason. I was very anti-perfect mother (even did a huge rant on them back in 2014) but found I was describing people I was following! Embrace the tornado ❤️

    1. I’m right with you! I’m heading over now on follow your blog xx

  9. We need mummy bloggers! How lucky are we to have “sisters” to help shed light on every stage of this journey! Cheers to you!

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