A DIY Bathroom Makeover with Bathroom Takeaway. What to consider when buying a bathroom suite: A guide

When it comes to selecting a new bathroom suite there are endless possibilities. It can feel overwhelming, so here are some things to consider if you are planning a DIY bathroom makeover. Firstly I wanted to share some before pictures, as for me this shows the massive difference the new bathroom suite from Bathroom Takeaway has made.



Things to consider when doing it yourself!


Whatever you are spending your hard earned pennies on, quality should always be at the top of the list. This is no different when investing in a bathroom. There are cheap suites out there which you could buy but will be of poor quality. They will likely age quicker, prove more difficult to look after, possibly split or wear easier. That is why we always prioritise quality.

Bathroom Takeaway are a brand synonymous with Manchester, and the quality of their products and service is well known.


Size matters. Don’t let anyone tell you different. The size of your suite can make the bathroom feel more luxurious or if you get it wrong too cramped. For us, our en-suite was relatively small, but we wanted the space to fit our lifestyle. We love showers and frequently opt for a shower over a splash in the bath. So we wanted a statement, as large as we can fit shower.

And wow does it work. It is my favourite place to be (after my bed, of course) and is so spacious it can fit my ever expanding bump in no problem.

Make sure that you measure your bathroom space. Then measure it again. I would highly recommend drawing out on the floor where your new suite will fit, and walk around the space to see how you can move.


Do you need to move pipes? Think about existing fixtures and fittings.


What do you want your bathroom space to provide you with? A luxurious feel? Lots of storage? Space?

All things to consider.

We have chosen the Serene gloss grey vanity with Kofu countertop basin. It is stylish yet practical. It gives us an easy solution to limited storage space, giving us two large drawers for storage. The grey is timeless, and will fit with any colour. However we have decided to stay neutral (at the moment).

Bathroom takeaway give a 10 year guarantee which reassures you that the quality of the items are built to last, whilst not compromising on style.


Do you have a particular style, colour or function you like? We really didn’t want to compromise on style, and wanted something which would last, even if we changed our mind about the wall décor.

Our Black shower enclosure was exactly what we wanted. It creates a focal point in our en-suite but also it has easy clean finish glass. It has water-repelling properties, the finishing layer protects your shower enclosure from lime scaling, stains, oil and dirt, making it very ‘Easy to Clean’. Transparent, this finish goes unnoticed whilst giving your shower doors an impressive shine and being environmentally friendly!

Plan ahead

Thinking about size, style, budget are all things to consider. But make sure that you plan ahead! Give yourself plenty of time.

Where to buy from

This is an important one. Make sure that when you buy your bathroom suite that you read their website feedback. Reviews and word of mouth are great to give you a good impression of a brand.

Bathroom Takeaway

I know this brand well, from seeing them work with others and hearing about customers using them. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 10 year ‘fit and forget’ on all of their products.   On top of that they ill give you a price guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee. Peace of mind right there.

I’ve linked some reviews here just so you can see for yourself what customers really think!

Reviews here.

Discount Code

Bathroom Takeaway have given you a 10% discount code to use:


This will give you 10% off your new suite or accessories on their site.

I wish you all the best in choosing your new bathroom, we absolutely love ours.

I have linked all the products here:

Thank you to Bathroom Takeaway for providing items (Shower, Basin & Toilet) for this feature.



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