Coping with the physical side after birth: Taking care of yourself when you are a new parent

When you become a parent your whole life changes. As a mother you are handed this brand new little bundle of love, whilst physically and emotionally changed. Whether you have given birth vaginally or via c section, you are going through some massive physical changes and you need to give your body that time to adjust, to recover, to get used to everything that’s going on. It’s painful, so here are some little tips to help with those first few weeks as a new mother.

Make sure your basic needs are met: I’m talking food, water, safety and sleep. Surround yourself with the people who will support and love you.

I prefer to take time to settle into being a parent, and by that I don’t have visitors for a couple of weeks. Only very close family – Mum, Dad and in-laws. I would recommend this, no one needs to be cleaning their house for visitors and making tea for others when you need to focus on your new little family. They can wait.

Drink Water! and then drink some more.

Eat well. you can prepare food in batches and freeze, ready to pop in the microwave.

Plenty of snacksbananas, snack bars, apples on demand.

Take some pain relief- paracetamol is usually the option your midwife will recommend, but as always speak to your medical professional.

Baths – salt baths after a few weeks to help with your muscles or add a few drops of tea tree oil to your bath. This is particularly good post birth for tears or cuts to the vaginal area (8-10 drops will soothe the area).

Pop the breast pads in the fridge to cool the breasts. If you get engorged breast, cold cabbage leaves have been said to help. Pop them in your bra.

Listen to yourself. If sleeping when the baby sleeps works for you, then do that – if it makes you feel worse then avoid it. Figure out what works for you and stick with it.

If you chose to breastfeed, you will find that you get very thirsty after or during feeds. Listen to your body and drink more water 🙂

Set up a ‘breastfeeding table’: This table is yours. Make sure the remotes, your phone, a bottle of water and snacks are set up on there before you start breastfeeding! Sometimes those early days you can get stuck there, and no one wants to be stuck without a drink, snack, remote or phone!


Walk when you can, the fresh air will do wonders for that post-delivery baby fog.


Self care is not selfish. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Talk to your loved ones, and your health visitor/GP if you have any concerns.

Find loads more tips in my latest You tube here:


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