Cloth Nappies 101: What you need to get started using Reusable Nappies [AD]

When you woke up this morning, and thought

“I want to start using reusable nappies, but where do I start?”

You decided to google “What do I need to get started using reusable nappies” and tadaaarrrrr just like magic- you end up here!

So welcome! This is my tiny little space on the Internet where I blog all sorts of parenting hacks *ahem* and its award winning [insert a round of applause and admiration].

First off, if you are BRAND new then this is the blog you need to read. It is simple, written in plain English (albeit chatty and northern) and you will leave thinking “wow, it’s really not that hard after all“.

Let’s crack on.

What do you need to start?

  1. Nappies for the daytime
  2. Nappies for the nighttime 
  3. liners 
  4. bag or bin

and a can do attitude…… I’m jOkiNG, you’re probably here because COVID 19 sent you! But seriously, you just need a bit of effort to wash them but once you’re in the habit- trust me you’ll actually LOVE washing them.

Come back in a few months and tell me I’m right 😉

Okay- easy right? now let’s talk more about them in more depth.

1.Nappies for the daytime

If you are brand new to cloth I would recommend  all in ones. These are sometimes referred to as AIO’s. The EasyFit STAR from TotsBots is simple, straightforward and brilliant for daytime. Goes on just like a disposable so you can make the change no matter how late you’re starting!

The low down on the AIO:

-Holds 385ml and you can pop in an extra booster for super-heavy wetters!

-Super popular with dads, grandparents and childcare providers (once we are back to normality)

-One size fits most from birth to potty training – 8 to 35lbs

-Easiest option to start out

However, if you are up for saving a bit of money and fancy a more versatile option then you need an all in two (AI2) system- I would really recommend the Peenut system.

The low down on the AI2:

What you need- 1 outer shell and 3 Peenut pads This will give you 3 wet nappy changes

They are super absorbent can last 12+ hours.

Great containment.

Versatile Queen!

Perfect for heavy-wetters.

We will come back to this little beauty in a few moments for use in the nighttime also!

Ultimately the inserts pop into the outer shell. Then once baby has done his or her business you pop them out and pop a new insert in. If they have treated you to a number 2 special then you’ll need to change the whole lot. So get a fresh shell out and insert.

Now onto

2. Nappies for the night time

I have yet to find a nappy that stands up to the legendary Bamboozle.

It is THE ultimate cloth nappy for comfort, fit & overnight dryness. If you want your little one to sleep soundly, then the Bamboozle nappy along with a waterproof PeeNut wrap, is the one you need!

3. Liners

I would recommend getting a set of liners- these just go in the nappy to help with the poop clean up and they stay super soft against your babies skin!

4. Bin or bag

Now this one can be a controversial topic…. who am I kidding- its not at all! Its just personal preference!

I personally have both, a bin for downstairs and a bag that I loop over the bannister for the morning nappy or middle of the night changes (they are super rare now, but you know-teething). But if I had to choose I would say a BIN! Especially if you have other children around, as this one has little clips that keep the lid on safe.

SO HOW MANY DO I NEED? (I hear you ask)

To start with I’d recommend buying 5 for daytime use and 3 for nighttime use

Here are a few different options….

you could get:

option 1: 5 AIO’s and 3 Peenut wraps and 3 bamboozles

option 2: 2 AIO, 3 Peenut wraps, 3 Peenut pads, 3 bamboozles.

option 3: 5 Peenut wraps, 5 Peenut pads, 3 bamboozles

plus a bin/bag and some liners!

I started off buying 3 nappies when I was pregnant, then every month I bought a few more. So ultimately…. my take away advice is- JUST START SOMEWHERE!

To cloth full time you will need around 20 for daytime use and 5 for nighttime use, but in my experience building it up worked better for me!

And finally….. Use the discount code FRECKLE15 to get 15% off!
if you have any more questions please ask!

I’ve linked a helpful YT video below- go and have a nosey on there too. You’ll find lots of tips!

Speak soon!

Sj x

This post was sponsored by the wonderful people at TotsBots, however they are genuinely amazing! 




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