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It’s something I think about on a daily basis, the footprint I’ll be leaving on this world.

And it’s taken me to get to 31 years old to REALLY think about it. So I don’t bash anyone for not thinking about it, sometimes it’s just not on your radar. It might be cost, time, effort, lifestyle or something else that stops you from making changes. But then on the other end, some are all consumed by eco-anxiety and can feel a heavy responsibility to make people change. I would like to think I’m somewhere in the middle. An honest and open portrayal of life, trying to make some conscious choices. But never perfect.

I’ll never be perfect.

You can’t be.

There will always be something you’re not doing, or something will come at cost to appease another.

So how about, you stop trying to be perfect. Just try to be good enough. In fact that is my motto for most things.

Being good enough is good enough.

So just keep doing what you need to, think more about how to make changes but don’t think it’s all too far fetched.

Just to interject some food for thought: 

Unless you buy biodegradable nappies, the nappies you buy contain plastic. They will end up in landfill and stay there for 200-500 years.

Most nappies and wipes are made from plastic which I was oblivious to until this year. Some are up to  90% plastic. It’s absolutely astonishing.

It has been greatly criticised and now there are many campaigners and normal people like me and you, urging the government to phase out the astonishing 11 billion wet wipes used in this country each year, many of which are causing an environmental catastrophe.

Wipes are suggested to be responsible for 93% of blockages in UK sewers and are even changing the shape of our rivers as they pile up on beds and banks.

I had no idea of the consequences of this until recently, where mainstream media and social media brought it to light. So we are trying to make conscious changes where possible, and nappies and wipes are one thing we can easily change.

We are imperfect tryers.

We won’t get it right 100% of the time, but making one change a day (quite literally) and swapping to biodegradable instead of plastic nappies and wipes will make the world a better place.

We use mum and you eco friendly nappies and wipes (which are 100% biodegradable) as our disposable option. And to help more people move away from using disposables containing plastic they have given us a 30% discount code to share, for you to use on anything and everything on their site.


But if you sign up to their newsletter they have some HUGE discounts coming for this Black Friday which you can gain early access to!

Please share it and I hope the move to eco friendly disposables is a good one.

We’ll never use any nappies containing plastic again, but if everyone just stopped out half of theirs for eco friendly then there would be half the amount of plastic being put into landfill.

Remember that we need imperfect tryers.

No one is perfect.

This post was sponsored by mum and you.

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