Camp Bestival: We love you!

What an absolute whirlwind of a weekend!

I have been to endless festivals and gigs but none like Camp Bestival. Without a doubt in my mind this has been the best festival I have been to. The people, the music and the atmosphere was just amazing.

Even in the pouring and at times torrential rain it did not dampen Camp Bestivals spirit.

Camp Bestival is a family friendly festival held at Lulworth Castle in Dorset. We were lucky enough to get tickets for this year’s 10th Birthday celebrations and wow we were impressed!

If you have never been before then you need to read on and keep your eyes peeled for my new You Tube channel for a little vlog. We have never been to a family festival, so we didn’t know what to expect, on top of this we had a 270 mile journey down there so the pressure was real!

Getting there
We set off on Thursday afternoon from Manchester and it took just under 6 hours for us to get there. The journey was long, but it went quickly enough with the excitement! However 1 hour to go and the tiredness kicked in and the ‘are we there yet’ dialogue got a bit testing, let’s say.
The roads were clearly labelled and the site was well staffed, so when we inevitably got lost good old Ben the helper came to the rescue.
We love Ben.
Ben is a legend.
He directed us to a spot for us to park up and pitch our tent. If I could recommend any piece of camping equipment invest in a blow up tent which is tall enough for you to stand up in. Your back and patience will be thankful!
Important things first: The loo’s
Now everyone who has been to a festival will know the most dreaded part. The toilets. They are usually absolutely rancid, however the cleaning staff were on top form because they were actually bearable and the posh wash showers were a bit of luxury. Let me tell you, you will thoroughly enjoy that warm shower when you have been squelching in mud all day! I have never showered at a festival before, but they were 2 minutes walk away from our pitch and were always clean and warm so we had one every night!

Stuff to do
The amount of children’s focused activities is unreal. From clay making to craft making and fun fair rides galore, there is something to entertain every child. There are plenty of activities on over the whole day and lots of treats and sweets to be had to!
This year Chelsea football academy were there with football fun, alongside outdoor activities and play areas.

One of our favourite experiences was the big fish little fish act. The tent was filled with absolute gems of 80’s and 90’s music with a mix of bubbles, confetti and balloons! Whilst this was happening there was a large craft table to make festival crowns and bangles which Flo loved. In-between raving that is!

There was lots of different stages and tents which are packed full throughout the day. The castle stage was a firm favourite for us. We would take our little camping chairs and our Pacamat and set up for a few hours, surrounded by the most amazing vendors. The churros were lush and vegan too!

There is SO MUCH more to do and say! Keep tuned for festival essentials coming up next week!

Thank you Camp Bestival! We love you! 

One of the most memorable weekends we have ever had, and I am sure that next year it will be even better! Bring on Camp Bestival 2018!
If you want to join us then pre order your tickets here now and see you in the field! You will not regret it!
Much love,
Sammi-Jo xx

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