The best advice I have ever recieved: From one mother to another

Yes, to give advice is clearly one of the greatest pleasures in life, so why, then, do so few people ask for it and an even fewer number actually take it? I have a few ideas as to why….

We can all recognise the wisdom in really good advice but when we are hunched, sobbing on the bed, sleep deprived and dishevelled very little really helps. When the Persian Sufi poets said: “This, too, will pass,” they really didn’t experience the level of sleep deprivation that happens when you have two little monkeys. I know, I know, they are deliciously beautiful and I love them with every inch of my being, but when I have had a total of 6 hours sleep in 3 nights, then those little monkeys begin to play a bit lose with my patience.

I am a great believer in ‘do what works for you’ and that might not be for everyone, but wisdom from significant women in your life can warm those dark lonely times in motherhood like that morning chink of light through the curtains. Like the warmth in a sugary cup of tea, mothers can give you the strength and wisdom to keep on even when you are on the last reserves of energy.

With this in mind, I have been reflecting on little comforts of advice my mum has given me throughout my life and share some of my little chinks of light to help you in even the loneliest or darkest moments.

You are never alone

Even when you feel you are, there is always someone, somewhere thinking about you. You might not even know, but there is.

Get under the quilt

When you’re feeling rubbish, sleep solves everything. Get in bed, get a cup of sugary tea and pop Mary Poppins on. It solves a lot more than you realise.

Look after yourself before you burn out

My mum was the number one advocate for a duvet day. She would bring the quilt and pillows down, get the comfiest pj’s on and take time to regroup. There was never any shame or guilt in filling our energy reserves. There really should be more of Nana Freckle’s values in society. The world would be a better place.

Do you

Always value your own judgement. Ignore how everyone else does it, it might not be for you.

It wont last forever

No matter how painful or hard something is it will not last forever. This is the one piece of advice I would love to spread around the whole world. I remember repeating this over and over when I began breastfeeding my first child, it was unbearable but it was only helped by this phrase.

Thank you Mum, you have made an impact on my life more than you will ever know. 

Now, to everyone reading this. Get some fresh bedding on and take my mums advice, I promise you will feel better. I know that I will enjoy my beautiful new bedding from Christy Home, who have been my mothers favourite bedding brand since I can remember. When I told my mum that I was working with Christy Home, she was so excited and that’s why I have treated her to the Truro range. Christy Home bedding is of the highest quality, that’s why they are my choice for treating my mother this mothers day.

Happy Mothers day you lovely lot.

I wish you all a wonderful day.

Sammi-Jo xx



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