Being a bad blogger. New year, big changes

I am most definitely not an expert.  I haven’t got years of experience and I am a pretty bad blogger. However, I’m saying that actually, be a bit bad. Break the rules of blogging, and be more you.

When I say a bad blogger, I break the rules a little. I don’t think there are truly ‘rules’…  but I don’t post regularly, I swear (sometimes) and my grammar can be terrible.  I write short stories, letters, review stuff that’s useful and spend far too much time on my instagram than I should but it works for me.

In February this blog will have been running for 1 year, and it seems fitting that the month after will be the beginning of the new chapter. I am very excited but nervous at the same time.

After a buzzing, adventure filled 2017 I have big things planned for 2018.

The biggest of all is that I am finally taking the plunge and going freelance in April. It is absolutely terrifying but it needs to happen.

Too much of my time and attention has been pulled from different directions and I have made the decision to make work, work for me.

For nearly 10 years I have worked in the public sector, and I have seen it change. I have also changed over that time.

With the arrival of my two little people,  my heart and attention has switched and now I want to focus on what is best for our family.

So gone will be the days of a monthly consistent pay cheque, but so will be the 5am starts to commute for 4 hours each day. Gone will be the dreaded drop offs at 7:30 in the morning to grandparents, only to pick them up at 6:30pm to put them straight to bed. Gone will be the question “mummy who is taking me to school today” because it is someone different every day. Most importantly, gone will be the wonky scales tipped in the direction of work because I will be taking back some control.

Not everything will be great, duck that, a lot of things will be crap. I will have less money, more stress and more time being run ragged by two little monkeys. The thing is, I think THAT is what I am craving.

I am missing being a mum.

I am missing being a bad blogger.

I am missing being me.

So, I’m not going to get this freelance life right 100% of the time, but can you bear with me while we figure it out?

And if you see an #ad please please please do give it a double tap, and know that with each like comment or mention you are supporting a mum trying to get a better life balance.

A mum who is able to take her kids to school, give them a bath and read them a bedtime story without rushing through every sentence because she hasn’t eaten since 12pm. And know, that I will NEVER ad anything that I wouldn’t recommend without payment.

Thank you for sticking with me this far, and I hope you all enjoy the things planned for 2018. Especially the part about being a bit better at being me.

Happy new year you filthy animals

Sammi-Jo x

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  1. Nyomi says:

    Oh wow, this is awesome! Best of luck! I’m hoping to go freelance this year too.

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