Allergies and bags: not the usual Sunday.

When I first Keri, who started up kerikitbags in 2015, I was VERY pregnant and brand new to blogging. I had only started started my instagram account in January 2016, and had no idea where it would go, if anywhere.

When I first started insta/blogging, I talked about the reality of being a parent of a child with severe allergies, but very quickly it turned into talking about the reality of parenting. I was so naive to the world of blogging, so when Keri offered to send me a bag to review, I was over the moon. She was one of the friendliest business women I had met, so genuine and helpful.

So, today, we planned to go and take a look at her new collection at the baby and toddler show at media city Manchester, along with lots of other brands. However we had a bit more if an eventful start to the day than we had imagined.

Every now and again I still talk about Florence’s allergies and the reality of the difficulties of this in a world of cow’s milk and egg. However, we have this pretty sorted and management plans in every single aspect of her life. This is where my OCD nature comes in to play best, and checking that no milk or egg comes anywhere near her.

Saying that, it clearly wasn’t up to scratch today. This morning we had a pleasant morning lined up at the baby and toddler show followed by a nice walk in the woods and a possible good chin wag with my mum. But, you would never guess what. Mike and I both decided that we was not going to wear our snot ridden all purpose ‘parent coat’ but something that looks actually presentable *come on we all have a parent coat, you know,the one with all the pockets to stuff sick covered muslins/store bribery food and still manage to fit your phone and purse in.

What we didn’t remember to do, however was move all allergy mediation into the swanky new coats we had on.

Oblivious, to our terrible decision making and feeling full of ourselves that we arrived early we made a pit stop for a soya latte in Starbucks.

The true reality of being an allergy parent was smacked firmly in my face.

Before we sat down, I wiped the table (standard allergy mum practice). Daddy brought the smoothie and our coffee, but within a few minutes of us being in there she started to cough and sneeze. So Florence on hip, Mike ran to asda to pick up some Piriton (this was right next door) only they had non in stock, and apparently only ‘medically trained staff can open the pharmacy’ just to clarify, by opening the pharmacy this would entail opening a BLIND. What the fuck that is all about I have no idea. Just open the fucking blind. Sort it.

So with all the incompetence playing out to its best ability, the only option was a swift emergency call. However, within a couple of minutes of the paramedic arriving, Florence’s breathing returned to normal and the coughing had stopped. This has never happened before, usually any reaction has never resolved by itself.

So within the space of half an hour we had experienced such a range of emotion, that we welcomed the double check back at the panda unit. I’m pretty sure I can add them to the Christmas card list this year.

With her truly back to her bossy boots self, a magazine and sweets (guilt food) we made a b line for some lunch, her choice (more guilt food). That along side her choice of what to do, now I’m not sure how much she understood what the baby and toddler show actually was, but she wanted to go.

So, we went and I’m glad we went.

Even after the horrifying morning, and the guilt still fresh in my gut we could have easily just gone home. But, we didn’t and I got some mum chat after all. Not with my mum, but with my fellow mum friend. Keri let me chew her ear off and we had a good chin wag about the reality of parenting. That’s the thing about instagram and blogging, you get to meet the people behind the brands and accounts you love and follow. You get to learn that everyone has their own story, and often it helps in sharing the pain (and love).

If you have read about Keri on my previous bag review, here, you will know that she started her brand when she had new born twins. Yes, TWINS. Along with a toddler and her hubby, she started up quite possibly the most luxurious bag brand that I have ever come across. They honestly are beautiful and so is she.

So with that knot of anxiety untangled slightly, the world put to rights and a nosey at the whole collection I picked up the most beautiful backpack, the Joy. All the time, Flo ran a mock with her balloon *sorry Keri, although I’m pretty sure you get it!

The real life of parenting when your child has allergies. Although I am NEVER going anywhere without that bloody Piriton again.

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