AD| Coping with Taking temperatures. Nurofen Fever Smart: Taking their temperature for you

When I became a mother I had no idea the worries that came with the territory. I can remember the first time that Flo had a temperature, I was worried sick. Constantly checking on her every 5 minutes to make sure that she was okay. It didn’t get any easier, as the years went on different bugs came along to test her little immune system and so came the even longer sleepless nights.

That is why I am working with FeverSmart by Nurofen for Children on their FeverSmart Temperature Monitor. Simply adhere the nifty little device under their arm, connect to the app and voilà you have an up to date temperature reading.

Nurofen for Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor enables continuous real-time temperature monitoring with the use of their handy app. You can then read the information without interrupting their sleep.

The App has some great built-in features such as enabling notifications when the temperature spikes, allowing you to add in if you have given medication and any other symptoms they may be showing. With the ability to keep the history, you can share with your healthcare professional if they need to.

For us, it has been an additional string to our bow, allowing us to monitor them whether awake or asleep. It doesn’t replace the need to check them, but it does give me that tool to not disturb them as often. I also think this would be a great addition to anyone who has a child who may or does find it difficult/upsetting to have their temperature taken the traditional way. It allows you to feel that little bit more comfortable without disturbing them, monitoring their temperature easily through the app.

This post is sponsored by RB. Always read the instructions. Zinc code: UK/NFC/0918/0096


Temperature is accurate within ±0.2° Celsius with correct usages. Environmental factors & child’s position may result in greater variance in accuracy. This should not replace monitoring your child regular for signs and symptoms of illness.

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