Guest Post: The Northern Mob- Baby no 1 vs baby no2

Thank you so much to Mother Freckle for allowing me to guest write on her blog. I am honoured and slightly nervous as I’m relatively new to all this blogging malarkey so for such an awesome blogger to allow me to takeover her site I am forever grateful.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Gill AKA The Northern Mob. I’m a northern mum of two boys, Big H and Little E (well actually four boys if you include Captain Jack, my dog, and my husband, Andrew, who let’s face it, is the biggest kid in the house) so I’m destined for a life of Sky Sports and toilet seats left up. Check out our adventures at my own blog and Instagram page @thenorthernmob.

After having my second child who has just turned one it’s made me reflect on just how different you are with your second born…I know a lot of people will be in the same boat and will relate to this!


Someone once said to me you treat your first born like glass and your second like rubber. Now I don’t know if I’d go that far (I’ve never checked to see if Little E would bounce) but I totally understand what they were saying.


When you give birth for the first time it is all so new and you try and do everything perfectly and treat your little one like the future King/Queen of England.

But with baby number two it’s all a little different. Little E is now one and I feel like it has passed by so quickly, much quicker than H’s first year. I look back and think that his experience has been poles apart from H’s.

Here’s the reality of Baby no 1 versus Baby no 2 …

Baby no 1: Brand new cot and furniture purchased to go in a nursery that was planned for months and decorated to perfection ready for the new arrival.

Baby no 2: Still in process of finishing Little E’s nursery when he went into his own room AT 6 AND A HALF MONTHS OLD. Only just been finished as daddy has finally got round to putting up a shelf.


Baby no 1: Baby activities galore- baby sensory, baby yoga, baby massage, baby swimming, baby rhyme time, the list goes on and on.

Baby no 2: Baby groups? what baby groups? As H started mornings at nursery it was always a bit of a mad rush getting home and getting out to a group and then back to school for 12 to pick H up so the only thing we got to was baby sensory and baby swimming lessons once a week. With H we went to something virtually EVERY DAY. No wonder I was knackered!


Baby no 1: Home cooked, low salt, low sugar, mostly organic baby food that would give a Michelin star restaurant a run for their money. No juice, sweets or chocolate.

Baby no 2: I breast fed Little E for 7 months (actually it was the only thing I did the same with H) so as soon as he was on solids he was pretty much on whatever the family were eating too. I did 80% baby led weaning and 20% puree and if we were having pizza and salad then he was too. And he definitely had chocolate and ice cream waaaaaay before H ever had it!


Baby no 1: New clothes, shoes, accessories and toys all bought washed and ready to be worn and played with.

Baby no 2: ‘Aw I remember that outfit on H’ is a phrase I hear from friends and family on a weekly basis. As I have two boys Little E has inherited all of H’s clothes. And the toys, I feel that Little E has bypassed all the baby toys and has gone straight to toddler toys. Slightly faded, previously chewed, toddler toys.


Baby no 1: Day naps at designated times ALWAYS in the cot. Then the bath-bottle-story-bed ritual starting bang on 6 o’clock with H in bed no later than 7pm

Baby no 2: Naps wherever we are to fit in with the school run and H’s busy diary of play dates, usually in pram. We still participate in the bath-bottle-story-bed routine but the In the Night Garden chilled out time H experienced has been replaced by Blaze and the Monster Machines and general bedlam.


Baby no 1: Sterilising madness for what felt like FOREVER. The dummy has dropped on the floor. STERILISE. That bottle has been on the side without a lid on. STERILISE. All those pots to put the perfectly blended organic food in. STERILISE. That other child at baby group has licked that toy. STERILISE (well, Milton Wipe!).

Baby no 2: Oh the dummy has been on the floor for the third time, a quick wipe with a tissue, it’ll be fine.


Thinking about it, Little E has probably had a better time during his first year. I’m much less stressed about things than I was with H because I haven’t got the time to be. Life is moving at a much quicker pace. Little E loves going to all the places with H and is learning so much from watching his big brother. I read somewhere that ‘experts’ suggest we shouldn’t feel guilty about not being able to give the same amount of attention or care (to a certain degree) on our second children that we did with our first and that actually second born children are usually more independent and confident because of it. That’s got to be a good thing right?

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